Hey all, Scott here.

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  1. CBT 2.0

    This game is the best, it’s better than Wii U.

  2. Juan Camacaro

    6:03 me when i watch scot the woz video

  3. LSky670

    I'd replace the Koopalings with the Broodals

  4. nateguidry

    Literally got a HBO Max ad during the video

  5. Marshal Tito

    Announce my game series or Nintendo is officially evil and needs to end

  6. Matt Mckay

    i'm surprised among us isn't here

  7. Curly Whrly

    Not not cool

  8. Balloon Guy

    I want the full years we lost over the years video

  9. LuminaryPrism

    1:11-"Either you're into anime, or your Scott." Guess I'm Scott now...

  10. Thomas O'Connor

    scott.. please dust off the xbox. it drives me crazy every time you show it

  11. Abrahamic Religions Bow Before Nate

    0:00 how to actually make money in australia

  12. Piper Skalka

    I had the Namco one but with 30 games it was fantastic

  13. The Incineroar Main

    Scott has a pretty good point with game cases being inexplicably fragile. My copy of Mario Kart 7 has a deep wound in the box art, and I have no idea how or why it happened.

  14. Dasio

    If on this was doctor jeckyl and mister hyde it would be a tourtering device

  15. Tim Bott

    I have a cousin named Jay and he's my best friend

  16. dreamlandnightmare

    Wireless controllers aren't a gimmick, they are an innovation. A gimmick is something that isn't necessary and doesn't provide a function that actually improves or progresses its purpose or related medium; a gimmick is something new and different for the sake of being new and different. An innovation is something that is born out of necessity or improves and progresses its functionality or the functionality of its related medium - this describes a wireless controller.

  17. Renaldo Olson

    Call it doodie?

  18. GurglingCrowd

    I never knew about the Wii Sports bundle! In my case I got both games separately in their own disc-wallet things alongside the motionplus-console bundle at the time...

  19. chiiatore 83

    This man is so dedicated that he throws a 600 dollar collectors item against a wall and gets smacked with a frying pan.

  20. Josh Turnbull

    The minish cap is the best game

  21. blackmetalerik

    why is the gamecube logo on the american spine on the bottom? it looks like shit cause every other console has it on the top this is fucking stupid

    1. blackmetalerik

      oh he talks about that nevermind

  22. Magolor Official

    The goofy, fun-loving style of Gamecube-era games, especially the Mario games on the system, are pure nostalgia for me.

  23. D Rex_668

    Did you get rid of ness

  24. Jan The Man

    I might sound like a 7 year old here, but hear me out. First off all, MINECRAFT. Idk, its just always been my favourite game for some reason. And second game... Roblox. I know its more meant for kids, but its just the fact that there is litterally an amount of games that feels infinite and... It just feels like you can never get bored with roblox. Also, if im aloud to count them as the same thing, roblox studio.

  25. Meakz YT

    Gex the Mario killer

  26. Octogon

    Yeah but what about star fox guard?

  27. Reenans

    2:34 every mario bros. veteran knows how this ended

  28. Shoeshiner


  29. Comic Rya

    I swear Nintendo could've made some money releasing the virtual boy games on 3ds in black and white.

  30. Faris Polutak

    I gave this video a thumbs up once he pushed his hand into the toilet water... the commitment.... priceless! Seriously though, love your videos!

  31. DankBeats Luigi

    1:03: Is this a reference to “The internet and you”, Scott’s first video?

  32. NortonHayley

    Just got a fake mario ad. Anyways I'm getting 2 Tiny Arcade cabinets.

    1. NortonHayley

      Actually 1. Ms pacman.

  33. Renaldo Olson

    Most talented dude on USfilm. Hes fuckin hysterical

  34. Shadow Master

    24:58 OH MY GOSH it's ssg3

  35. Mark Gil Herrera

    "Hey, all Scott here I own Sonic Jam"

  36. OtakuButNotReally

    Hey Scott yall here

  37. Bandit Keith

    What no dragon ball z

  38. blackmetalerik

    the intro even pronounces it mele why does everyone say mehleh?

  39. Dan The Wood Man

    How does he plan on going to hell if he's an atheist?

  40. Ben Russell

    Scott should call it the playstation v

  41. Leon Paelinck

    Nintendo supports GC controller in new games like Brawl, Mario kart wii ... but not in games that are LITERALLY GAMECUBE PORTS . RE4 did it, so why not Twilight Princess, or metroid prime 1/2. an extra control option is always nice.

  42. NortonHayley

    Hey scott

  43. TheRedDeath

    Wait wait wait wii sports and wii sports resort are supposed to come on two different discs I didn’t know that I thought they came together because mine did

  44. B2 stealth bomber plane

    That red thing is among us dude

  45. Bill 46

    12:08 i remember playing this on ipad in school art class

  46. Eldar Taghiyev

    You need make a video of YUGIOH.

  47. Hazzy :D

    I never knew that black thin hard to open ds cases meant that they were not european games. I just thought that they were some special release so they had a different box that was for some reason really hard to open

  48. TuaToon Studio


  49. Hastico

    Call of Duty Ennui

  50. Ninja Pants

    2020 "I'm here and I'm drunk"

  51. Snake

    ah yes.. The Virtual Boy or as i like to call it: The Team Fortress 2 Engineer Sentry Gun

  52. Sakura Stardust

    My only experience looking into a Virtual Boy was one on display at Super Potato, a vintage gaming store in Tokyo. I only looked into it for like 10 seconds but holy moly those visuals are *abrasive* Also, Im working on a whole video thats gonna serve as a Spaceworld retrospective... its gonna be looooong

  53. DaiSho

    Dude all of those games alone up where I'm at woulda cost me easily over $60 😭😭

  54. CTG85

    He's got 100% valid reasons why I also don't play RPGs either

  55. Gozeraye

    Baseball is two teams taking turns playing tennis

  56. Zachary Schroeder

    Is this scott confirming he's related to Jerma?

  57. War-lord-cz

    1:41 sus

  58. Youtube Pizzer

    To be fair the homebrew SNES emulation options on the 3DS are ridiculously lacklustre and you had to turn on frame skip

  59. SuperBloxTube

    1:41 Scott is becoming sUs!

  60. Edge-of-Sanity

    5:18 dunno why that made me laug This game is brilliant, the super market chase scene, there's a vid on YT where every QTE is deliberately failed, it's quite funny. Best ending, you play as the detective I think and fight the origami killer on a junkyard conveyor belt.

  61. muhammad sauqi

    RED sus!!!!!!!!!

  62. Oi Suzay

    4 years in and still no CoD ports

  63. dreamlandnightmare

    And I thought Nintendo was gimmicky...

  64. Joshua Gerber

    Oh boi Xenoblade was a genius rpg for its time. Probly should feel abit dated in 2021, but still a decent story to make you think.

  65. Paul Wilson

    Gr8 host.funny.i got a 5 in .. o ne joystick.pacman. dig dug,galaxian.why do they need batteries.

  66. pawnchaw27

    Oh man, this video feels like really long ago, since, you know, he now owns 90% of all the Wii Us in the planet, so, like, 6.

  67. Ameline Starkmanir

    At least it's better than all of the Tiger Electronic games

  68. CoolCold

    1:41 the first among us

  69. Steven Fronz

    Kid is a huge ripoff of avgn smh

  70. AlthenasGuard

    Sega is better

  71. Kush Gandhi


  72. Nathan Steele

    The Xbox one controller was actually a nightmare to design because they had to compress the parts but leaves room for batteries

  73. Rileyalt Studios!

    *looks at the thumbnail* well i guess his Dad really DID work at Nintendo.

  74. Brett L

    Piss off. You'd love Montreal. One of the best cities in the world. Fuck you're ignorant.

  75. ???


  76. Brett L

    Yo, choose a better map to represent MTL you fucking idiot.

  77. Chip Skylark

    Played 6 hours and idk I didn't hit the buttons fast enough always


    Only nintendo?

  79. Hoopy Poopy!

    i sure do love gex